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Water Warriors - Educational Series, ...,Reaching National & International TV audiences, 3500+ Public & Academic Libraries,Supported with Instructional Design,Reaching into 50000 K-12 Schools,500 TV News channel web pages,seeking non-profit & academic partnerships

Water Warriors is a CMG educational and informative (E/I) TV Concept.

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Water Warriors

Water Warriors is a documentary series focused on showcasing the pioneers, scientists and technologies that are helping to protect our oceans. This hybrid business TV series will deliver educational content to activate investors, consumers, and students interested in this career field. Our oceans impact every aspect of live on Earth so CMG will work with all major stakeholders including oceanographic institutions, research scientists, entrepreneurs and government agencies to develop and distribute evidence-based educational content.

This content will be supported with instructional design with the express intention to deliver simple educational lessons teachers can utilize in the classroom. CMG will also reach millions of consumers, investors, and policymakers through our national publishing and distribution capabilities. Water Warriors is currently seeking support through educational grants and sponsorships.

Academic Institutions and Libraries

CMG provides educational content to 1,000 Journals, 3,500 libraries worldwide and 50,000 K-12 U.S. schools nationwide.


The ever-increasing pace of scientific and technological discoveries impacting the world today, it is difficult for both scientists and consumers to keep up with new research and regulations. CMG strives to embrace our role as an educator by helping raise the awareness of the health of our planet especially for the devastating impacts on our oceans and water supplies. The CMG team will continue to develop and publish comprehensive trust-worthy content focusing on improving communication between consumer and policymaker with the following goals:

Content Discovery

12 Million viewers will watch this educational content which is supported by published research studies and expert interviews with a push to "Learn More" by visiting a related acedemic website(s). CMG can further target specific viewers via Geo-Zip Code targeting.

Consumers can also find Water Warriors as recommended reading content on 1,000 Journal sites frequented by the scientific professionals, the investment community and interested consumers. CMG reaches 50,000 K-12 schools nationwide as educational video content in their library and directly accessible content from within the classroom.

Consumers can also find Water Warriors content when watching or visiting their local News channels and news channel websites. Water Warrior stories are distributed through multiple News aggregation services for TV, and the Web.

As part of our media outreach plan, CMG will interview our publicly traded partner organizations on the stock markets in New York and distribute theis positive PR to Reuters.The Reuters investor platform for example, reaches 500,000 financial professionals, advisors, journalists and individual investors.

Internet discovery of Water Warriors content is found alongside peer-reviewed publications, news sources and on trusted websites.

The worldwide distribution of Water Warriors content is based on our ability to source, produce and deliver compelling stories. SEO for this content is based on whether the topic is current and relevant, is the meta-data receiving high search volume and does this asset have multiple back-links to press releases, web pages and images? As you can see, CMG has a cross-pollination approach to optimizing content discovery.

Through our partnership with multiple educational content aggregators, Water Warriors is offered to 3,500+ public libraries and university academic libraries worldwide, reaching more than 40 million students and 30,000 faculty members. CMG is part of a comprehensive streaming database of movies, music, television, history and news. This video database is the most up-to-date and relevant content for the academic, library and public community.

These educational distributors publish curated, discipline-focused, primary-source collections, and streaming media for learning and research. CMG is passionate about working with our participants to create landmark online resources that help scholars and students discover and learn.

How can viewers find a specific story?

Capital Media Group's (CMG) distribution network consists of entrenched industry publishers, distributors, websites and content aggregators with established professional and patient audiences. CMG is placing content where millions of our targeted audiences regularly look for content every day. We are not reinventing the content distribution wheel. CMG delivers content to the worlds leading sources but CMG can also customize media packages to meet the needs of our participating sponsors.

Is there a "Call-to-Action" within the story?

Call to Action (CTA) is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling.

Water Warriors is an educational series, we do not produce advertisements but we do provide a research citation and we ask our viewers to "Learn More" by visiting the publisher or an informative website or reading the complete research.

Where can viewers find Water Warriors content?

CMG reaches a targeted audience of through a variety of both broadcast and narrow-cast distribution relationships. The following is a partial list of where Water Warriors content is distributed:

  • Journal of Operational Oceanography
  • Environment and History
  • AIMS Environmental Science
  • Annual Review of Environment and Resources
  • Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution
  • Built Environment
  • Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems
  • Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography
  • Energy and Environment Focus
  • Energy Sources, Economics, Planning, & Policy
  • European Journal of Environmental & Civil Engineering
  • Global Environment
  • Amazon Fire
  • Apple TV
  • Roku TV
  • IOS & Android Apps
  • TelVue
  • ... and more






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