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welcome to capital media group Inc.

Capital Media Group Inc (CMG) is a multimedia communications company specialized in the development of video, audio, and animated educational & editorial content for distribution on TV, Radio, and the Web. For the last 18 years, CMG has been honored to help our clients tell their story in a manner that engages and impacts their specific audience.

CMG offers our clients an efficient content creation and distribution process which has been proven to reduce our client's time investment. CMG's customers range from small non-profit organizations to fortune 500 companies, from small NGO to Federal agencies, from healthcare systems to trusted science publications.

This is the best video ever!  Seriously. We should use this as a tool because it shows the value of these videos to a practicing clinician in a highly controversial area and our ability to get 3 diverse experts with nuanced views to provide the best possible guidance. Anyone who knows how medicine works will see why our videos have 80% plus viewership at the 75% mark.

Aman Shah
Executive Publisher

It’s wonderful!!   We love it.

Karthik Rajasekaran, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Assistant Professor of Otorhinolaryngology
Department of Otorhinolaryngology:Head and Neck Surgery
The University of Pennsylvania

This is sooooo wonderful!   I have watched it now 6 times and LOVE IT.   You did an AMAZING job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lillie D. Shockney, RN., BS., MAS, ONN-CG
University Distinguished Service Professor of Breast Cancer
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
The Johns Hopkins Breast Center

This is a really great video.  Hopefully we can work on the others soon.

Rasa Zarnegar, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Professor of Surgery Frank Glenn Faculty Scholar in Surgery
Director of Robotic Surgery
Weill Cornell Medicine

It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate your efficiency and knowledge about the work being done in each area, and making everyone feel comfortable. We look forward to seeing the final piece. Let me know if we can help with anything else. Many thanks.

Katrina Healy
Corporate Communications
Cleveland Clinic

We had a great experience with you and team and would like to work with you in future. Thank you

Anissa Blanshan
Medical Professional Marketing Manager
Mayo Clinic

These are AWESOME!! The patient case study brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for capturing what we do so beautifully. I will share the videos with all who participated – and more as we will use it on our website and shout it out on social media. I make many presentations nationally and internationally and these will be included, for sure. Thank you again,

Sandra Barker, PHD
Center for Human-Animal Interaction
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Wow! These are also fantastic!!! I can’t wait to get them up. So exciting!!!

Ilene Sussman
Executive Director
VHL Alliance

We showed the video... at our Nursing council meetings. They were THRILLED!! They in turn took it back to their staff meetings on the floors. We have heard nothing but positive comments. I think it has helped bring it to the fore front for our staff, and helped stress to them the importance of auto-pump programming.

Karen Corrick, BSN, RN
Nursing Informatics
Great River Health Systems

I was impressed with your team. They were very professional, respectful, and experienced in what they were doing. You guided us well in prompting us how to say what needed to be said to get the ideas across in a succinct manner. I was quite impressed. The video makes all of us look so professional, and the hospital looks great in all of your shots. The quality of the video, even before the edits was awesome!! The way you overlaid people speaking, with the nursing process, and back ground of our hospital was amazing. It all flowed so seamlessly.

Karen Corrick, BSN, RN
Nursing Informatics
Great River Health Systems

MCH has been a great partner and a pleasure to work with. Directing very prominent physicians is not an easy task and Dr. Haffizulla did a wonderful job of quickly building rapport and putting the interviewees at ease. Her knowledge surrounding specialty specific topics was so in depth, that we received multiple comments from our physician interviewees stating how impressed they were, along with how much they enjoyed working with Dr. Haffizulla.

Laura Ryan
Program Manager, Specialty Products
Elsevier, Health Sciences

The quality of the final videos was much higher than we had expected, which I attribute to the MCH team’s diligence in making sure the lighting, sound, and filming environment was perfected, along with the artistic style of filming and editing. Throughout the process, it truly felt like a partnership with both of our teams working together towards a common goal, resulting in a great end-product.

Laura Ryan
Program Manager, Specialty Products
Elsevier, Health Sciences

Candace shared the updated video with me and it looks fantastic. Thanks for doing such a great job with the filming, audio etc. I appreciate that you will be sending us a master DVD.

Chief of Staff
Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Wow, what a great job. Thanks for sharing. Good work to you and your wonderful team. Thanks so much.

Director, Public Affairs
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service

I want to thank you for providing me with the Samonia Video. I really liked it when I saw it at the Amonia Safety Day. I think it is a great training resource and I definitely will be using it a lot!.

Jorge Cardenas
Occupational Safety & Health
Bureau of Education Training & Technical Assistance
North Carolina Department of Labor

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